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Engaging Issues in our church, Tuesday 12th December, 7.30pm
Sorry – This meeting has been cancelled because of snow
Chrissie Pepler – Britain’s housing affordability Crisis;  How did we get here?  And how do we get out of it?
The government produced a White Paper in Feb 2017 which recognised that our housing model in the UK is ‘broken’.  Housing is a basic human need; the lack of suitable or affordable housing creates instability for people, contributes to poor health and wellbeing and makes it very difficult for people to make a sustainable livelihood.  How can we, in our local communities, respond to this basic need for affordable housing for the wellbeing of future generations?

Details from Janet Longstaff   01694 722085

Engaging Issues in our church, Tuesday 9th January, 7.30pm
John Moffat – We’re all in this together?  The British and the Common Good.
From post-war rationing to the Great Recession, as governments have struggled to balance wealth-creation and welfare, how has our own vision evolved of how society ought to be?  John Moffat SJ is a Roman Catholic priest and member of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).  In recent years he has been exploring the relationship between economics and social ethics.
Details from Dave Griffin  01588 672640


The Church Elders have reluctantly decided to have no service on Christmas Day this year.


There’s a box at the back of the church for gifts of toiletries for Shrewsbury Ark.  They welcome eg toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap.



The low retaining wall along the path to the church garden has been rebuilt