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Our Church Meeting on 2nd December 2018 agreed to donate £2,000 to the charity Medic Malawi.  This will be used to buy equipment for the new operating theatre at St.Andrew’s hospital in Malawi.


Engaging Issues.  7.30pm in our church on Tuesday 19th February
Professor Geoff Levermore – Urban Climate Change and Climate Change Deniers

This presentation examines the science of climate change and the strong evidence for global warming.  It also looks at the additional urban heat island, especially around Manchester.  The key role of the UN and the IPCC is considered in the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and the adaptation to a warmer climate.  Why are there still climate change deniers?  This will be examined along with ethical issues.
Details from David Howard (Steve Aze) 01694 722904


  The church garden in early February


There’s a box at the back of the church to hold gifts of toiletries for Shrewsbury Ark.