Helping to get where you need to be

Article in Stretton Focus, November 2019

My title is the daily, and even hourly, offering of Radio Shropshire Travel. It is essential listening for anyone daring to set off along the A49. These days I still cycle, but never on the A49, and I have stopped driving a car altogether. So now I have the time and the leisure for a different slant on what Radio Shropshire Travel is offering – how to get where I need to be: but where do I need to be?

We are all travelling on planet Earth, which we are told is hurtling through space, along with the rest of an evolving Creation; but we don’t know where we’re going! In that case our ‘being’ is more important than our ‘going’. We should be more concerned with ‘who we are’ rather than speculating on some unknown destination.

Is there some kind of spiritual sat nav that will help us discover both who we are, and where we need to be? If you are religiously inclined you might find some help there; but if religion does speculate about that unknown destination, offering us ‘pie in the sky when you die’, most people just smile and turn away.

A little bit of common sense is often all that we need. It seems to me that above all, we need to be ourselves, that is, our true and best self, and we need to become that person in the here and now of our daily lives.

Better to leave any final destination as the ultimate mystery; and just live in the present moment, filling it with as much goodness, truth, beauty and love as we can. There is a small book which has helped many people to ‘get where they need to be’: it is entitled The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and I can recommend it.

Donald Horsfield

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